Future Medicine serves the informational needs of scientific and medical stakeholders in innovative ways, leveraging the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

Our Brands

Future Medicine AI & FMAI-Hub

Future Medicine AI is a joint digital site and open access, peer-reviewed journal (ISSN: 2753-8087), committed to advancing the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine. Future Medicine AI is positioned uniquely as a central hub for the communication and dissemination of the latest practice-changing research and high-quality industry insight, building a forward-thinking community of allied researchers, biomedical innovators and allied health practitioners.


Concussion is an open access journal (ISSN: 2056-3299) that publishes original research, reviews and commentaries addressing the assessment, management, and short and long-term implications of concussion.

Concussion is a subset of traumatic brain injury that occurs after a blow or other injury to the head. It has been defined by the Concussion in Sport Group as “a complex pathophysiological process affecting the brain, induced by biomechanical forces.”

Exciting developments in the field of biomarker research are shedding new light on how to gauge the severity of concussion immediately after injury, as well as indicating future prognosis. The ongoing and future development of tools and point-of-care tests based on this research will help to ensure appropriate management from the moment of injury and into the long term.

Cancer Futures

Cancer Futures provides foresight on the future of cancer care, arming oncological stakeholders with the actionable intelligence necessary to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of cancer diagnosis, treatment, research, and patient care.

Our mission is to scan the horizon so you don’t have to, teasing out the signals and mining the essential insights that enable our partners to address the multifaceted challenges of cancer care with confidence. This proactive approach ensures that our partners remain one step ahead, equipped to make informed decisions that not only respond to current trends, but will shape the future of cancer care.

Whether you are an investor searching for the next breakthrough in cancer research, a medical professional keen to stay at the cutting edge of your practice, or a biomedical innovator looking to identify opportunities for disruption, Cancer Futures serves as your trusted navigator.

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